People and Community

People & Community

At Albany Plantations we care about the people and the communities associated with our operations.

These people are our employees and our contractors’ employees, our neighbours and the people who live in the communities in the Lower Great Southern Region. These are our local stakeholders, people whose lives and interests may be affected by how we go about our business.

In addition, we have a much broader range of stakeholders: people who are interested in what we do and how we do it, particularly those who have an interest in environmental management and the social and economic impacts of our activities.

Human Relations Policy

At Albany Plantations we have a specific policy for the recruitment, employment and training of our workforce.

In implementing this policy we:
  • Maintain a staff structure commensurate to the management task of the plantation estate in order to satisfy legal obligations and financial viability of the business.
  • Define and document roles and responsibilities for each position within the company staff structure by creating a Job Description.
  • Detail the skills, qualifications and/or experience required to successfully perform tasks required of each Job Description.
  • Recruit and place staff based on an assessment of candidates’ ability to fulfill the requirements of the Job Description based on proven skills, qualification and/or experience.
  • Annually appraise staff on their expertise level and address skills gaps by identifying and providing appropriate training.
  • Comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and other external and internal prescribed requirements in managing our Human Resources.

Neighbour and Community Relations Policy

At Albany Plantations’ we foster and maintain effective neighbourly and community relations.

In doing so we:
  • Act with openness to ensure that neighbours and community groups are aware of APFL and APEC activities.
  • Identify significant impacts of our operations on neighbours, organisations and community groups and set objectives to maintain them within agreed limits.
  • Be considerate of neighbour and community expectations.
  • Meet contemporary community standards regarding consultation, including reasonably practicable dispute resolution processes.
  • Comply with all relevant laws, regulations and other external and internal prescribed requirements regarding consultation in managing their operations.
  • Operate a public complaints process that includes, but is not limited to the requirements for sourcing FSC® controlled wood.

Stakeholder Engagement

At Albany Plantations we are committed to best practice stakeholder engagement.

In doing so we:
  • Hold an annual stakeholder event to share information on forestry management and HCV management when requested by stakeholders.
  • Share information on this website about our forest management activities, including an annual summary of our operations and HCV management.
  • Have an annual presence at selected regional community events.
  • Are pleased to attend and present at community stakeholder organisation events when invited.
  • Have an interactive function through which stakeholders can contact us.
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