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Local Economy

Albany Plantations contribute significantly to the local economy in the Great Southern Region.

Through direct and indirect employment, through local contracting, transport and shipping costs and through the Commonwealth and State taxes and fees that Albany Plantations pays, we make a stable and long term contribution to the local economy.

Some key statistics are as follows:
  1. Direct employment of around 30 people in our Forest Management Operations and at our Albany Chip Mill in a variety of roles from senior management, professional and clerical staff, mill operators and trades maintenance
  2. The estimated local employment through our contractors as a result of our activities is in the range of 250/300 people.  We have local contracts with harvest companies, road and rail transport companies, ship-loading and wharf-side services, mechanical and electrical maintenance contractors, weed and vermin control contractors and specialist consultants. 
  3. A comprehensive socio-economic study was recently conducted to quantify the value of the timber industry to the overall WA economy. CLICK HERE to view the report.

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