Filling Rail Bin with Bluegum Woodchips

APEC commenced operations in Albany in 2000, our first processing started in September 2001 and woodchip export began the following year.

Our history in Western Australia began with the foresight of the former Directors of WA’s Conservation and Land Management and Oji Holdings. In recognising the need for a sustainable alternative to meet the demands of the global paper market, these visionaries were the driving force in the establishment of the first Eucalyptus plantations in the Lower Great Southern. APEC and sister company APFL were the pioneers of the development of the industry in Albany and surrounding regions.

While now one of several plantation forestry companies in the region, we are proud of our pioneering efforts in establishing the industry locally.

APEC is responsible for contract harvesting and chipping the mature trees. On average harvesting commences on a 10 year rotation. We process the timber through our purpose-built static woodchip mill to produce high quality woodchips which are transported by rail to the Albany port and shipped to Japan and other markets around the world.

Oji Holdings is the marketing and manufacturing arm of the company and who take delivery of the woodchips for processing in its numerous paper mills in Japan and China.

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