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Harvest & Transport

We have the capacity to harvest up to 3000 hectares per year from growers in the region.

While growth rates vary from area to area across the forest estate the annual harvest comprises about 3,000,000 trees.

Harvesting is carried out using a single grip harvester which fells each tree individually, cuts off the top section of the tree, debarks and cuts the log to length and in the process removes any unnecessary branches etc.

The forwarder collects the processed logs and stock piles them ready for loading the trucks in the plantations.

Harvesting and haulage of logs from the plantation to the mill is undertaken by local contractors from the Great Southern.

Delivery of logs to the mill has grown from 500 tonnes per day in 2001 to having a potential capacity of 2000 tonnes per day. Since commencement our sub-contractors have delivered over 2 million tonnes to the mill.  The facility is also equipped to accept deliveries of woodchips that have been chipped in the field.

APFL and APEC together make a significant economic contribution to the Great Southern region.

After strapping down by our drivers, log trucks are driven to an allocated destination within the property to check the load once more.

A pole saw is used to remove any pieces of wood that are sticking out past the bolsters on the trucks for safe transport.

All drivers are required to stop at designated stops on the way to the mill to recheck their loads this is monitored by GPS units fitted on all trucks.

Road trains deliver logs to the mill and are fitted with Central Tyre Inflation systems which allow them to increase and decrease tyre pressure. This allows drivers to minimise impact on unsealed roads and enhance traction in and around plantation roads.

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