APEC Exports and Markets

Exports & Markets

High quality woodchips are transported by rail to the Albany Port.

After production, the woodchips are transported by rail to the Albany port and shipped to market, primarily to Japan and China.

Like all global commodity markets the price of woodchips rises and falls in correlation with global demand.

APEC’s parent company, Itochu is responsible for marketing and so at APEC it is our responsibility to produce the high grade woodchips to meet the standards required by overseas markets.

Supporting our competitiveness in the market is that fact that woodchips produced from Eucalyptus globulus produces a high grade woodchip suitable for high quality paper manufacturing.

Other important responsibilities of both APEC and APFL in the marketing area include:

  • Our proven reliability as a supplier of a consistent volume of woodchip to the market.
  • Our global certification for Forest Management and Chain of Custody.

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